Examples Of Network Security Diagrams

Another way they can steal it from you is with biofeedback devices and apps that record your brain’s EEG. One way to retrieve or steal your unique brain frequencies so they can get electromagnetic waves into your brain is through free devices and apps that record your Electroencephalogram (EEG). The frequencies stimulate the auditory cortex in the brain, not the ears. Alpha waves are strongest over the occipital cortex and over the frontal cortex. It includes the same scanning and guaranteed cleanup, but it also places your site on our world-wide server network (CDN), which means your site is ‘close’ to anyone who visits and therefore loads faster all over the world. This may cause sliding windows and doors to become difficult to close but it can also cause damage to these sliding windows and doors over time. Through resonance, a comparatively weak vibration in one object can cause a strong vibration in another which can be damaged or destroyed. As an example of the power of resonance, think when a wine glass is targeted with a resonance frequency.

Often a targeted individual becomes sick, loses their job, or loses their home. This is a harassment tool being used by intelligence agencies on targeted individuals. They become alienated from their family, who are often also attacked just for being related to them. It is important to protect your frequencies so they are not stolen by people who want to harm you. Patents show that a person’s brain frequencies can be used to place sound or voices in their head so that they are the only ones who hear the sound. Everyone has their own unique brain code so frequencies must be calculated and calibrated for each individual. Controlling another person’s mind is very much like slavery, so acquiring someone’s brain-specific code for the purpose of harming them must be done in secret. In a SAS 70 audit, the service organization being audited must first prepare a written description of its goals and objectives. When the eyes are opened, this rhythm usually disappears, being replaced by beta rhythms (14-35 Hz), this phenomenon is called alpha blocking. The observation of the alpha blocking phenomenon is evidence that a high-quality EEG is in fact, being monitored.

The alpha rhythm is most prominent when the subject is at rest with the eyes closed. But that’s not all, they can give you constant muscle twitches, eyes twitches, disrupt your bowels, make you sick, but even worse, they can also give you severe headaches, head trauma, and concussions. I don’t think their activities will make those ISP’s customers happy. By maintaining updated records of visitors, conducting thorough security checks at the entrance, & patrolling, a staff of trained officers will handle every situation with their vigilant minds. The specific values of these pointers will tell us what level of ASLR exists in the process. You can tell what a person is feeling by studying these frequencies. Intelligence agencies that have your frequencies can control and punish you as if you were a slave. However, certain agencies may require that derivatively classified documents contain a “Classified By”line to identify the derivative classifier and a “Reason Classified” Line to identify the specific reason for the derivative classification.

Obviously, one reason is because they know you probably won’t notice, but, there is another reason. If someone does not know about this technology beforehand, they might think they are going crazy which gives intelligence agencies a reason to put them in a mental institution. Intelligence agencies know this and so do some law enforcement officers that work with them. Once they have your brain frequencies, intelligence agencies can calibrate their EEG supercomputers to you and begin enslaving you with radio microwaves directly into your brain. Sources have told India Today TV that a vehicle barged into the house of Priyanka Gandhi at around 2 pm on November 26. Three men, three women and a child were inside the vehicle. 4000 or less. The old days of assuming that there is a warranty on the vehicle because you’re buying it from a dealer are gone. Your landlord is within his or her rights to request that you pay a security deposit, but there are several things you should know about the security deposit before you sign a lease agreement and move into your apartment. 2. For home there is only requirement for upto 5 cameras as in general in home there is not any requirement of many camera also there is requirement of the power saving in home.